Jackpot: $5,000,000


Play Blood Suckers Slot in Ireland


Slot Rating from Players Rank: 99/100

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in vampire slaying, this slot will more than meet your expectations. It is filled with ghostly events and packed to the brim with gore. Blood Suckers is probably not your cup of tea if you are faint-hearted.

However, if you are ready for exhilarating adventure and daring action, you can comfortably play Blood Suckers. The slot presents several juicy features and lots of free-spin games for you to explore, enjoy, and all the while creating value.

Game Details

Video Slot
Release date:
5 by 3
Low (44.9%)
Win Potential:
Bet Range:
Between $0.25 and $50
Available and Accessible on all devices

Blood Suckers Slot Review

Released in 2009, the Blood Suckers slot's name might seem strange to some people; however, it fits the game's theme and content perfectly. This slot is literally not for everyone given its theme and heavy gore and gothic inclination.

You might want to stay away from this slot if you prefer upbeat and lighthearted slots. You need to know that Blood Suckers leans heavily toward the thrill-a-minute approach.

Available in online casinos, the slot will send chills down your spine every time you play. However, it will also have you smiling from the massive and bumper winnings and prize combinations on offer as well.

For punters with a liking for horror content and vampire-inspired television programs, get ready. You will be stepping into a game that will give you an absorbing, thrilling, and adventurous experience. Meanwhile, it will bolster your chances of winning a casino bonus and walking away with robust payouts. The design of the game is complete with its soundtrack and barrage of portrayals of blood and creepy imagery on the reels. This dynamic will fill your body with adrenaline, fear, and excitement as you win real money.


RTP and Volatility

In terms of volatility, the slot highlights considerable steadiness (low volatility). This complements gamblers’ ability to leverage frequent wins throughout. In this regard, our Blood Suckers slot review reveals that the slot’s win frequency is pegged at 44.9%. This figure means that a majority of the wins will be smaller in the main games.

However, once you win and access the free spins games, you can access the big wins. This is primarily because of the application of the 3x multiplier to all the emerging prizes and winnings. The slot also caps the largest winning (max) at the stake placed by the bettors multiplied by 1,014.6 for every single spin.

Also, the maximum bet in the game is pegged at 45,000 cash for 50 in every single spin.

Blood Suckers slot offers a robust, dynamic, and attractive RTP. The slot’s rating is pegged at a massive 98%, this slot represents a high RTP, which poses a massive value to players. This Blood Suckers slot RTP rate implies that for every £100 wager advanced by a gambler, the potential winnings are expected to be around £98. This means that this slot has an average margin/house edge of around 2%.

The NetEnt slot Blood Suckers with bonus spins

How to Play Blood Suckers Slot in Ireland

For players in Ireland, playing Blood Suckers means being at peace with gothic and gory graphics, accepting violence against vampires (using stakes and crosses), and developing the ability to enjoy hunting.

Gamblers spin the reels with the focus of realizing three or even more targeted symbols in a line. Most of the symbols visualized in the Blood Suckers slot are in vampire-based thematic and portrayal constructs. Some of them include strange elixir, crossbows, garlic, and other robust vampire signs.

Hungry-for-blood vampire represents the highest-paying symbols; for example, the vampire lord is designated as the most valuable (highest-paying) with guaranteed winnings of around x20 of your initial stake. The max bet sets a cap for the amount a punter can spend.

Theme, Design & Music

The Blood Suckers slot channels the thematic, design, music, and vibe of prevailing vampire fantasies in literature and on television. It borrows and even improves on television shows like Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and movie franchises like Twilight. Thematically, Blood Suckers animates these stories while giving control to the punter in controlling the slaying, fore, and graphic aspects of the action.

The Victorian vampire genre is heavily evident in all the symbols employed in the slot. The pictorial illustrations are robustly detailed and provide a balance between fine art and cartoonish portrayals.

The colors and shades used in these symbols stark starkly against a decidedly dark background to drive the vampire-based theme and mood to the punters.

Overall, the music and design conceptualized and highlighted by the Blood Suckers slot game are gothic and help complement the overarching mood and theme of slaying vampires, death, and fear; which form the basis of this adrenalin-filled slot.

Blood Suckers Bonus Features

Success depends on the gambler’s vampire-slaying skills, capacity to stomach the gore, and the tenacity to keep going until achieving the bonus-activating milestones.

For example, if your spinning leads to a line of three or even more bonus-activating symbols, which typically occur across an active line of a bet; you will be in the sweet bonus-game spot in this slot.

You can easily tell the bonus symbols by their bloodied stake and hammer. If you want to keep going, explore the spooky antique coffins, creepy burial chamber, and chilling violin music. If you keep going, revealing stakes, and slaying appearing vampires, you will end up with a fat bonus score that bolsters your winnings considerably. The focus here is on following all wagering requirements.

How to Win Playing Blood Suckers Slot

With five immersive videos (reels) in its grid and 25 vampire-based lines of symbols, the Blood Suckers game provides the basis for gamblers to enjoy the video slot while bolstering their value.

If and when you realize a scatter symbol (such are portrayed by the terrified bride), you can activate the free spins section of the game, which bolsters your chances of leveraging the multiplier of x3 on all the prizes or winnings you realize.

Gamblers can acquire three or even more bonus-designated symbols, which helps them advance to a bonus game comprising vampire-slaying, coffin-opening, and a chance to impale vampires using stakes.

Blood Suckers Slot Free Spins

A core feature in this slot is the importance of punters knowing and mastering ways and approaches employed to trigger the free spins.

Gamblers need to amass and unlock scatters to stand a chance of activating free spin games in the Blood Suckers slot. Typical play routines show that the scatters will emerge designated as the vampire bride, and she will generously reward you with various winnings and prizes depending on how many of them (Scatters) are visible on the line.

In this regard, if the punter ends up with two vampire brides; they will give you a payout advantage of x2 the value of your stake. The more Scatters (vampire brides) you get, the more value you can create in prizes and earnings in the bonus feature. For example, three or four scatters will result in x4 and x25 multipliers of the value of the gambler’s stakes respectively; additionally, they will result in ten games of the free-spin type accessed by the punter each. This underscores how punters can access and leverage the free spins feature advanced by this game.

On the other hand, when utilizing the free spins feature, five Scatters will bolster the value of earnings by an x100 factor while earning the player ten free-spin games.

In all the free-spin games in this slot machine, an x3 multiplier is adopted to all bettor winnings, which leads to robust wins for brave individuals.


The Blood Suckers slot has been welcomed into the slots portfolio that NetEnt offers. The inclusion of this slot on the leading and competitive casinos online available on NetEnt gives it broad and robust exposure and accessibility to a wide range of players in Ireland and globally.

Slot Conclusion

Blood Suckers slot machine positions in the market as an all-time classic mainly due to its first-rate design and emotion-encompassing vampire theme. It is a horror slot that animates people’s fear, love, affinity, and passion for gore, gothic, and vampire stories and themes.

The slot offers competitive and attractive features that drive not only excitement but also value for punters. Free spin games are a fixture in the slot's value-driving offers, while vampire slaying offers the edge gamblers need to either keep going or keep coming back.


Released in 2009, Blood Suckers has fast become one of the stables in the industry. It is especially making waves in the Irish market. The game is available in Ireland for punters.

The Blood Suckers casino slot is available in Ireland through online casinos compliant with all the rules, regulations and laws advanced and enforced in Ireland, especially the ways in which this sector is licensed and regulated.

The game is also designed to protect punters, their information, and their details. The slot offers competitive bonuses, among other features to bolster the value punters can draw from playing.

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  • Is Blood Suckers available to players for free?

    Yes, punters can leverage the demo option available. Make sure you use a reputable online casino platform.

  • Can punters have access to free spin games in the slot?

    Yes, gamblers can access free spin games once they earn in-game scatter symbols; typically, you will need three or more of these symbols.

  • Does the Blood Suckers slot offer players a chance to win actual money?

    Yes, once you load money using reputable methods; you will have a chance to place wagers and win Blood Suckers real money.

  • Is a Blood Suckers Slot app available online for download to play

    Yes, you can download the app for Android and iOS devices